Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Perennial Questions

A big thank you for all the users who are making "Fusion" one of the talked players.
Quite a few of you have rated us and given your suggestions. Thats what keeps us going.
Just thought of answering few of the questions being asked at various forums about Fusion.

1.  Is Fusion Free ?
         Yes Fusion is completely free. Including the song downloads.
Currently Fusion does not host its own content nor it has partnership with any labels. So the songs  you get to download are the once which are available in the Internet for free.

2.  No ads !!!!!!
          Fusion is  designed the core philosophy that nothing  should be between U & Music. Advertisements tend to consume lot of phone battery and hence cuts down your music playback time.The researchers findings show that 65% to 75% of the energy used to run free apps is spent for advertising-related functions.  So Fusion team decided not to display any advertisements.

3.  Its Cool! How do you make money?
             We too don't know. :-) Stay tuned and we are confident to provide something cool worth paying for.

@Team Fusion