Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Shoutcast Internet Radio functional

Dear Fusion Users,

Shoutcast is now working and you can enjoy access to over 50,000 radio stations across the globe.

Thanks to Shoutcast for their support and quick response in getting it back working.

@Team Fusion

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Shoutcast Radio not working

Dear Fusion Users,

Shoutcast Internet Radio is not functional since yesterday. The shoutcast API account for Fusion is having some issues due to which no radio stations are seen when searched. This issue however has no link with 1.1.4 update of Fusion.

We have reported this to Shoutcast and awaiting their response. Will keep you all posted once the service is functional. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Team Fusion

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Perennial Questions

A big thank you for all the users who are making "Fusion" one of the talked players.
Quite a few of you have rated us and given your suggestions. Thats what keeps us going.
Just thought of answering few of the questions being asked at various forums about Fusion.

1.  Is Fusion Free ?
         Yes Fusion is completely free. Including the song downloads.
Currently Fusion does not host its own content nor it has partnership with any labels. So the songs  you get to download are the once which are available in the Internet for free.

2.  No ads !!!!!!
          Fusion is  designed the core philosophy that nothing  should be between U & Music. Advertisements tend to consume lot of phone battery and hence cuts down your music playback time.The researchers findings show that 65% to 75% of the energy used to run free apps is spent for advertising-related functions.  So Fusion team decided not to display any advertisements.

3.  Its Cool! How do you make money?
             We too don't know. :-) Stay tuned and we are confident to provide something cool worth paying for.

@Team Fusion

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Youtube videos not playing

Many of you may be facing issues with Youtube video playback with error "Can't play this video". Google has done some changes to the way youtube video information is retreived over the last 24 hrs. This has resulted in youtube videos not playing from within the application.

We are working on this issue and will keep you posted on the same. Sorry for the incovenience.

Update: This issue is now resolved in the latest update 1.1.1 of Fusion.

Thanks for your support,
@Team Fusion

Friday, 14 September 2012

Fusion is listening to UR suggestions

Both of the new features for this version of Fusion are result of your suggestions. Thanks again for your comments,ratings and mails.

More Skins:
Now Fusion has three distinctive skins so that you can customize as per your taste.

               Dark Night


                  Twilight Sky
                Deep Sea

 Sleep Timer with Fade Support
Hit the bed with Sleep timer turned on. Fusion slowly fades out the music after timer elapses.

Have a nice week end
@Team Fusion

Friday, 17 August 2012

Fusion gets Tubed!!!

800 million unique users.1 Trillion views in a year and is available on 350 million devices.
Undoubtedly YouTube is the most viewed channel in internet. And youtube hosts separate channel for Music too.
And today Fusion brings in YouTube viewing experience to your music.While you listen to the song tap the youtube icon. And Fusion takes you to the matching video in YouTube. Enter into visually enriching experience without shuffling between applications. Too bored to tap enable the "Shake For Video" feature. Now Fusion launches the video just on a gentle shake.
The entire integration has been kept simple to avoid turning Fusion into dedicated video player.
Let us know what mode you need. And we would love to tube Fusion further.
Have a nice weekend
@Team Fusion

Friday, 3 August 2012

Fusion gets little better this Friday

Thanks a ton to all of you. We crossed the 10K mark and received good number of feedbacks.
This keeps us going. We are back this Friday with more changes. And hope you will like them.
            Now you can move Fusion to SD card. This frees up your valuable space.
With this update notification bar will display cover art. And ICS users will also get now playing controls on notification bar as well.
Fusion widget is now bigger. You will get to choose 4*4 widget with transparent back ground.
Keep pouring in your suggestions and comments.
We are committed to make Fusion a better place to enjoy music.

Have a nice weekend
@Team Fusion 

Wednesday, 1 August 2012 is under DDOS attack is either down or very slow for the users. Their status page shows that they are under some kind of DDOS attack. As Fusion depends on for few of the features, you might see some delays or failures in them.

You can check status page for updated information.
Really sorry for the inconvenience.

Friday, 20 July 2012

                              Gestures,Simplified settings & More Fixes

Oh! Its Friday and time to upgrade your favorite Fusion for more features.
This release is dedicated to users who listen to music all the time.
Fusion understands you much better now. When you want to skip the song ,shake the phone and Fusion moves you to the next song. Isn't it cool? You really don't have to search for the power button ,turn the screen on,unlock the screen and go to your playlist.
                     Now Fusion also supports " Wave Gestures" If your handset is kept on a flat surface you can play pause the song just by holding your hand near proximity sensor.If you want to skip the song just wave the hand and you are onto the next song.
Fusion had quite a lot of categories for online features in settings. Now settings is more unified and easy to use.

For the Geeks here is little detail about Implementation of Shake and Wave Gestures.
                                Now smartphones come with lot many sensors referred as MEMS. These sensors can be utilized to develop really simple but intuitive use cases.
A sensor called accelerometer detects the acceleration along given axis.Simply put, its a mass tied to 3 springs in each direction i.e x,y & z.Whenever there is a movement in any direction the acceleration along that direction changes.This change is used to detect direction of movement. Refer to below image for details

"Shake" feature uses accelerometer to detect the movement and skip the song.
There is one more sensor which is mainly used to turn off the screen when you hold the mobile near your ear.This is called "Proximity Sensor".Proximity sensor emits infrared light and looks for the reflected signal. Whenever there is a object in vicinity light gets reflected back and it gets sensed by the proximity sensor. "Wave Gesture" uses the input from proximity sensor to detect hand movement.

Fig . 2 Proximity Sensor

Have a Nice Weekend
@Team Fusion

Saturday, 14 July 2012

New Release (Lock Screen ,Retaining Album Art and Bug Fixes)
              After the week of our 1st release we are back with an upgrade. Thanks to all of you for sharing your feedback. This one week has been hectic. Adding lock screen, fixing bugs(part of software life) and trying to close other open issues in Fusion.
1. Seamless lock screen for both Online and Offline Music
             Most of you have commented and sent a mail saying Fusion is missing the lock screen.
We have added one now. Thanks to @ G4m3rH34d @ marisol @ Kyle @e 
2. Retaining pre existing Album Art
            Few of you felt that Fusion is removing embedded album art and adding a new one.
However what Fusion does is to copy the album art in separate folder. And show the downloaded album art in Albums pane . This ensured that we dont edit your embedded album art and all information remained intact.
Now Fusion does not fetch album art if your song already has one. However you can go ahead edit meta data if you need to change existing album art.
For users who have got the upgrade :
To make Fusion show your Album Art please go to
Settings -> Device -> Apps-> Downloaded->Fusion-> Clear Data
This clears all the temporary Album Art. And player starts showing album art embedded in the file. But please note that clearing data would also clear cached artist images, bio, ratings if any.
Please check @marisol @Amit Gupta
3. Few of you have been kind enough to report bugs. We have fixed most of them.
    Mainly intermittent crashes when using equalizer & Visualizer
 Next week we have got something more exciting. Will keep you posted in the blog. 
    Request you to share any issues, feedback or suggestions to us. And we will strive to make your Fusion better. 

Have a Nice Weekend
@Team Fusion


Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Related Music "No Results found"

Related music for albums and artists and online features like Artist Bio is either working intermittently or sometimes not functional. one of our online sources is down since 10th July 2012 and web services is still not consistently  operational.

Edit Metadata is an option to fetch better results if the embedded album/ artist info is not complete or proper. But, currently because of the downtime in our online source, even if the meta data is complete, there are high chances that you would see "No Results found".

Really sorry for the inconvenience and will keep you posted once the service is completely restored.

[Update] web services are operational now and you must be able to get your favourite online songs and related information as before. Thanks for your support.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012 is down is currently experiencing some issues due to which the online suggestions and related music features would not be functional. Sorry for the incovenience. Will keep you updated when the service is back.

[Edit] Some apis seem to be working intermittently, still very slow.

[Edit] All apis seem to be down. Not working at all.

[Edit] Most of the web services are still down. Charts sometimes works.

Friday, 6 July 2012


Fusion - Music beyond barriers
This player is free and void of any advertisements. Designed with a philosophy that Nothing should come between U and Music.
Key features:
1. A Music discovery platform to find music based on Album & Artist. 
2. An Intuitive Search mechanism to find online music. 
3. Simple elegant design based on Ice Cream Sandwich UX.
4. Seamlessly update cover art,artist images & biography. 
5. Powerful equalizer with 12 presets and virtual surround sound support over headphones. 
                          Most feature rich and the only player having music discovery feature integrated.While you listen to music or scan through the content,this player brings out suggestions. Whether the content is offline or online its available for you to stream and download for free.
We understand that you would like to know about new and popular albums & update your collection. Now you don’t need to fanatically search through your TV or call up your friends.Top charts are just a swipe away.You will see them getting updated on a regular basis. Music though has a global appeal its also individualistic and region specific. Go to settings enable Regional content, you will see player bringing out Bollywood content. We are in the process of bringing out more regional content.
Beyond every song there is an emotion. As humans we would like to express these emotions. We have made it easier and intuitive. Now share your feelings over FaceBook and Twitter with press of a button. Wherever possible we share cover art and URL to song being played. So your friends can know your feelings better.
Music is all about listening experience. This player comes with 12 level equalizer and numerous presets.Enable Bass boot & 3D surround when you connect a headset. Also experience rich graphical visualizer with multiple effects to depict the pitch and mood of the song.
Ice Cream Sandwich has been revered for its sleek and simple user interface design. If you are still waiting to experience Ice Cream Sandwich, here we have it for you. This player embeds the design philosophy of ICS and you can run it on your GingerBread Phone.
The old days of browsing through your stack of music CD collection is back again. Move to landscape mode and browse through visually stunning pictures of your albums and artist. If you have proper meta data, we will bring you the images. Take it easy if meta data is not proper. Make an attempt to edit meta data, we will make it simple by providing suggestions. 
With the help of Shoutcast we are bringing you 7400 radio stations. Radio has always been about monotonous streaming . We have made it visually appealing by fetching cover arts for the songs that get streamed. While you listen take a look at cover art to get complete experience. We also provide you online suggestions for similar tracks.
Each individual in our contact list is connected to us. Whenever they call it evokes an emotion. Our Ringer function allows you to set specific part of any song to a contact as ringtone.Its quite intuitive too. Turn on the music, press ringer while you continue to listen. When you are done set the song as a ringtone to your beloved ones.
While you listen to a song, rate your favourite songs and access them anytime. When you have a large collection of songs we ensure seamless management of your collection by intuitive system generated playlists.
We firmly believe there should not be anything between you and music. So this player does not contain any ads. We won’t add anything however important which we feel will impact listening experience.
Please provide your feedback , mail your suggestions and any issues that you come across. A personal mail and a quick resolution for the issue is guaranteed. Looking forward to hear from you.
Team Fusion