Friday, 17 August 2012

Fusion gets Tubed!!!

800 million unique users.1 Trillion views in a year and is available on 350 million devices.
Undoubtedly YouTube is the most viewed channel in internet. And youtube hosts separate channel for Music too.
And today Fusion brings in YouTube viewing experience to your music.While you listen to the song tap the youtube icon. And Fusion takes you to the matching video in YouTube. Enter into visually enriching experience without shuffling between applications. Too bored to tap enable the "Shake For Video" feature. Now Fusion launches the video just on a gentle shake.
The entire integration has been kept simple to avoid turning Fusion into dedicated video player.
Let us know what mode you need. And we would love to tube Fusion further.
Have a nice weekend
@Team Fusion

Friday, 3 August 2012

Fusion gets little better this Friday

Thanks a ton to all of you. We crossed the 10K mark and received good number of feedbacks.
This keeps us going. We are back this Friday with more changes. And hope you will like them.
            Now you can move Fusion to SD card. This frees up your valuable space.
With this update notification bar will display cover art. And ICS users will also get now playing controls on notification bar as well.
Fusion widget is now bigger. You will get to choose 4*4 widget with transparent back ground.
Keep pouring in your suggestions and comments.
We are committed to make Fusion a better place to enjoy music.

Have a nice weekend
@Team Fusion 

Wednesday, 1 August 2012 is under DDOS attack is either down or very slow for the users. Their status page shows that they are under some kind of DDOS attack. As Fusion depends on for few of the features, you might see some delays or failures in them.

You can check status page for updated information.
Really sorry for the inconvenience.