Friday, 20 July 2012

                              Gestures,Simplified settings & More Fixes

Oh! Its Friday and time to upgrade your favorite Fusion for more features.
This release is dedicated to users who listen to music all the time.
Fusion understands you much better now. When you want to skip the song ,shake the phone and Fusion moves you to the next song. Isn't it cool? You really don't have to search for the power button ,turn the screen on,unlock the screen and go to your playlist.
                     Now Fusion also supports " Wave Gestures" If your handset is kept on a flat surface you can play pause the song just by holding your hand near proximity sensor.If you want to skip the song just wave the hand and you are onto the next song.
Fusion had quite a lot of categories for online features in settings. Now settings is more unified and easy to use.

For the Geeks here is little detail about Implementation of Shake and Wave Gestures.
                                Now smartphones come with lot many sensors referred as MEMS. These sensors can be utilized to develop really simple but intuitive use cases.
A sensor called accelerometer detects the acceleration along given axis.Simply put, its a mass tied to 3 springs in each direction i.e x,y & z.Whenever there is a movement in any direction the acceleration along that direction changes.This change is used to detect direction of movement. Refer to below image for details

"Shake" feature uses accelerometer to detect the movement and skip the song.
There is one more sensor which is mainly used to turn off the screen when you hold the mobile near your ear.This is called "Proximity Sensor".Proximity sensor emits infrared light and looks for the reflected signal. Whenever there is a object in vicinity light gets reflected back and it gets sensed by the proximity sensor. "Wave Gesture" uses the input from proximity sensor to detect hand movement.

Fig . 2 Proximity Sensor

Have a Nice Weekend
@Team Fusion


  1. In my mobile when i use the wave gesture or shake control, the song just foward, don't backward

    1. Currently Fusion does not support skipping songs backward using gestures. We have an option to either play/pause the song using wave gesture or to skip songs forward using wave gesture or shake control. We felt that by including back option users would have to remember a specific sequence for instance shake/wave twice or shake left and right and might not be as intuitive.However, we will come up with a more intuitive way of skipping songs forward and back in a future update.

      As a user what would be your preference or how would you be most comfortable switching songs using shake and wave gestures?

  2. Great player, but i missing some features like Play music by folder and Lastfm scrobbler support. If possible, please add this two features. Thanks. :)

    1. Thanks for using the Fusion Music Player and sharing your feedback. We will certainly consider including folder browsing and integrated support in a future update.

  3. Love this player! Will keep using it once it has the ability to change the music directory so that I can pick which folders get put in my library. Thanks for all the hard work!

  4. Unfortunately the player seems to think I have 4 copies of each song so it is unusable at the moment. I believe a workaround would be to select which folders you wish to grab the music from (most people keep all music in one folder anyway)

  5. Would be nice if ANY music player, especially this one, would allow selecting multiple songs at a time to add to playlists. It's tedious to select every song to put many in the same custom playlist.

  6. Wish I could figure out where to control the equalizer. Any instructions or user manual somewhere?