Friday, 6 July 2012


Fusion - Music beyond barriers
This player is free and void of any advertisements. Designed with a philosophy that Nothing should come between U and Music.
Key features:
1. A Music discovery platform to find music based on Album & Artist. 
2. An Intuitive Search mechanism to find online music. 
3. Simple elegant design based on Ice Cream Sandwich UX.
4. Seamlessly update cover art,artist images & biography. 
5. Powerful equalizer with 12 presets and virtual surround sound support over headphones. 
                          Most feature rich and the only player having music discovery feature integrated.While you listen to music or scan through the content,this player brings out suggestions. Whether the content is offline or online its available for you to stream and download for free.
We understand that you would like to know about new and popular albums & update your collection. Now you don’t need to fanatically search through your TV or call up your friends.Top charts are just a swipe away.You will see them getting updated on a regular basis. Music though has a global appeal its also individualistic and region specific. Go to settings enable Regional content, you will see player bringing out Bollywood content. We are in the process of bringing out more regional content.
Beyond every song there is an emotion. As humans we would like to express these emotions. We have made it easier and intuitive. Now share your feelings over FaceBook and Twitter with press of a button. Wherever possible we share cover art and URL to song being played. So your friends can know your feelings better.
Music is all about listening experience. This player comes with 12 level equalizer and numerous presets.Enable Bass boot & 3D surround when you connect a headset. Also experience rich graphical visualizer with multiple effects to depict the pitch and mood of the song.
Ice Cream Sandwich has been revered for its sleek and simple user interface design. If you are still waiting to experience Ice Cream Sandwich, here we have it for you. This player embeds the design philosophy of ICS and you can run it on your GingerBread Phone.
The old days of browsing through your stack of music CD collection is back again. Move to landscape mode and browse through visually stunning pictures of your albums and artist. If you have proper meta data, we will bring you the images. Take it easy if meta data is not proper. Make an attempt to edit meta data, we will make it simple by providing suggestions. 
With the help of Shoutcast we are bringing you 7400 radio stations. Radio has always been about monotonous streaming . We have made it visually appealing by fetching cover arts for the songs that get streamed. While you listen take a look at cover art to get complete experience. We also provide you online suggestions for similar tracks.
Each individual in our contact list is connected to us. Whenever they call it evokes an emotion. Our Ringer function allows you to set specific part of any song to a contact as ringtone.Its quite intuitive too. Turn on the music, press ringer while you continue to listen. When you are done set the song as a ringtone to your beloved ones.
While you listen to a song, rate your favourite songs and access them anytime. When you have a large collection of songs we ensure seamless management of your collection by intuitive system generated playlists.
We firmly believe there should not be anything between you and music. So this player does not contain any ads. We won’t add anything however important which we feel will impact listening experience.
Please provide your feedback , mail your suggestions and any issues that you come across. A personal mail and a quick resolution for the issue is guaranteed. Looking forward to hear from you.
Team Fusion


  1. Could I ask that an option to set the music directory is added to enable me to exclude my audio books from showing in fusion.

    1. Have the same issue of not being able to change the directory where to pull albums from

  2. I am having problems finding the equalizer when plugged in. Can you help Please.

  3. Hello! Fusion is great, I discovered it after poweramp trial has expired. I'm just facing a problem now. Before it can play all my aac music without any problem but after I rooted my phone, I cant seem to play aac anymore. I don't know what could be the problem is. I appreciate your feedback. thank you!

  4. Fusion won`t load album arts anymore. Why ? Any suggestions? Unistall-reinstall didn`t fix the problem.

  5. From where could I refresh my music player. It does adds songs by itself.

  6. It won't let me tweet what I'm listening? It works fine for Facebook but not twitter it keeps saying update failed

  7. It won't let me tweet what I'm listening? It works fine for Facebook but not twitter it keeps saying update failed

  8. Hey, Reuf! I'm so proud of your success with this app. I remember when you were first founding Lava Sound, and had so many positive ideas that were just aching to be successfully realized - it was really your turn. Just signed up for this app and noticed the connection by accident. I'm so glad this has been working out for you... Hope your own music is also continuing to flourish. My thoughts still with your Landsleute in Sarajevo. Be well, PEACE. Your former translator, (whom you've clearly surpassed any necessity for!), Hilary Jane.

  9. Not playing as well as it use to... Why??