Saturday, 14 July 2012

New Release (Lock Screen ,Retaining Album Art and Bug Fixes)
              After the week of our 1st release we are back with an upgrade. Thanks to all of you for sharing your feedback. This one week has been hectic. Adding lock screen, fixing bugs(part of software life) and trying to close other open issues in Fusion.
1. Seamless lock screen for both Online and Offline Music
             Most of you have commented and sent a mail saying Fusion is missing the lock screen.
We have added one now. Thanks to @ G4m3rH34d @ marisol @ Kyle @e 
2. Retaining pre existing Album Art
            Few of you felt that Fusion is removing embedded album art and adding a new one.
However what Fusion does is to copy the album art in separate folder. And show the downloaded album art in Albums pane . This ensured that we dont edit your embedded album art and all information remained intact.
Now Fusion does not fetch album art if your song already has one. However you can go ahead edit meta data if you need to change existing album art.
For users who have got the upgrade :
To make Fusion show your Album Art please go to
Settings -> Device -> Apps-> Downloaded->Fusion-> Clear Data
This clears all the temporary Album Art. And player starts showing album art embedded in the file. But please note that clearing data would also clear cached artist images, bio, ratings if any.
Please check @marisol @Amit Gupta
3. Few of you have been kind enough to report bugs. We have fixed most of them.
    Mainly intermittent crashes when using equalizer & Visualizer
 Next week we have got something more exciting. Will keep you posted in the blog. 
    Request you to share any issues, feedback or suggestions to us. And we will strive to make your Fusion better. 

Have a Nice Weekend
@Team Fusion


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  1. Just installed fusion but can't get any album art showing.