Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Shoutcast Radio not working

Dear Fusion Users,

Shoutcast Internet Radio is not functional since yesterday. The shoutcast API account for Fusion is having some issues due to which no radio stations are seen when searched. This issue however has no link with 1.1.4 update of Fusion.

We have reported this to Shoutcast and awaiting their response. Will keep you all posted once the service is functional. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Team Fusion


  1. Is there a way to keep the artcovers on the files so you can see them on your computer player? thanks

  2. Some sugeest
    To be the firs, I want to thank all of you to make such a excellent player and all for free!!@@
    1. This is a common problem of music player:please support 96000 Hz music. That's higher than CD, but I got the file "Beethoven Symphonie No. 9" in flac. Looking forward to play them with Fusion.
    2. Please support UTF-8 and Big-5, thanks a lot if it make my songs no longer display in garbled

  3. How do I make the equalizer work? Can we change the equalizer etc. I am using an HTC OneX phone. Love what I see so far.

  4. Hello I would like to know why this music player needs to read to and write phone contacts? Its abit suspicious you really should explain why its needed on the playstore page. That really put me off installing it.